Miniature art by Tom Lemandarin

Welcome to my website! This site is a showcase for the thousands of figures I’ve painted. Hopefully you can get inspiration for your own projects or learn new techniques. If you are interested in commissioning me to paint your models, shoot me an email! Also follow me on Facebook @Lemandarinworkshop.

Premium Games

If you want the best experience from your games, you will want to have the miniatures painted - immerse yourself in the setting the way the designers intended. In addition to the figures being painted to an exceptional quality, building and basing will also hold all my attention. I work in partnership with Fallout Hobbies and GamersGrass to bring you the best of hobby!

Display armies

Don’t drop hundreds or thousands of cash on your favorite army only to leave them unpainted (or worse - unassembled!) for the fear of doing a sub-par job. Get an award-winning paint job on your Warhammer (or other!) army that will really look exceptional on the tabletop.

Magnet weapons

Any time a model comes with extra weapons, I can magnetise the weapons to use them in different ways. It is most useful when your models come with enough weapons that you could make one model in any of a few configurations, but not multiples of the entire model.

How do I get started?

Just shoot me an email and we can discuss your project and what you want done. Pricing is variable to each specific client’s needs however on average a regular sized Warhammer army or board game will cost you about €1000. For more intensive projects like large sized W40K army or horde army, look to spend about €2000 or more. Individual figures like the Warhammer 40K Primarchs are about €150.

For example, the Space Marines Salamanders on lava visible in the photo above to cost €1000 and the Space Marines White Scars army below to cost €2000.

Thank you to my partners