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Welcome to my website! I’m Thomas Aka Lemandarin, I’m available for commission painting!
I paint Warhammer and other miniatures.

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High-end services

I build your dream army

I offer a wide range of high-end services. In addition to advice, assembly and painting, I can magnetize the weapons of your models or even make a unique mini by combining different parts.

The work I do is far beyond tabletop quality and would look equally good in a display case. I have won numerous competitions and pride myself with work that you can really be proud of.

I have very distinct style with vibrant colors, gore effect, heavy weathering and intense lighting effects. You can’t find it anywhere.
Glow energies, splashes of blood, guts and rusts are my specialties.

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Creating Quality since 2015

My Latest Work

Based in Belgium, worldwide delivery!

Free Citadel Figure Case

The Citadel Figure Cases are the perfect way to transport and protect your miniatures. Containing one set of revolutionary channel foam, the Citadel Figure Case has been specially designed to fit almost any model quickly and easily. The perfect gift to thank you for commissioning your miniatures at Lemandarin Workshop!

In collaboration with GamersGrass

Free Battle Ready Bases

Admit that it would be a shame to have a beautiful army on grey sand bases. I would also be sad to send you my work on ugly bases. That is why I offer you without any extra charge the wonderful Battle Ready Bases in collaboration with my partner GamersGrass!

Pricing guide

This pricing guide is an example for my service. I don’t propose different levels but as you can see on my photos, you can expect high quality for your troops (Tabletop++) and extra work on your heroes and centerpiece.

My prices are competitive and in the good average of the market but my style is unique. Consider that this is my day job, that you paid me for my skills, my artistic vision, my professionalism and you avoid spending 100+ hours painting your army.

As a bonus you will receive your miniatures based on GamersGrass Battle Ready Bases and they will be delivered to you in a Games Workshop Figure Case, as a gift (I challenge you to find a painting service that does it 😉).

Examples (price for indicated quantity) Painting Assembly
Necron Deathmarks (5 miniatures)€ 85€ 25
Chaos Lucius the Eternal€ 45€ 5
Blackstone Fortress The Dreaded Ambull (3 miniatures)€ 95€ 15
Space Marines Brother Corbulo€ 45€ 5
Chaos Exalted Flamer€ 35€ 5
Space Marines Invictor Tactical Warsuit€ 145€ 25
Chaos Bloodthirster€ 195€ 35
Space Marines Primaris Captain€ 55€ 5
Space Marines Predator€ 95€ 25
Chaos Defiler€ 135€ 65

Prices include painting, lighting effects, weathering, gore effect, transfert (if provided), premium resin base, GW Figure Case, tax.
Prices don’t include model cost, magnetization, conversion, special transfert, delivery, customs fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of miniature do you paint?

I paint any type of miniature: Model kit, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Bloodbowl, Warmachine, Infinity, Malifaux, Guildball, Various Boardgame etc.

Do you take single miniature commissions?

Yes I do but it costs slightly more than if the miniature was a part of the whole army.

Can you magnetize the options of my models?

Yes of course! I can magnetize the options contained in the box or even order additional options whenever possible.

What levels of paint do you offer?

I don’t propose different levels but as you can see on my photos, you can expect high quality for your troops (Tabletop++) and extra work on your heroes and centerpiece.

Can you do the same painting again later?

I keep detailed painting records, so whether it’s been two months or two years since your last commission, I’m well suited to match previous work.

Can you supply models?

Yes, I can order the models for you and so you avoid having to send them to me.

Can you repaint already painted models?

I do not prefer to work on models already painted for reasons of quality painting. I can make an exception in some cases.

Will I receive updates during your work?

Yes, during the realization of your commission I send you photos of the progress.

On a picture of update I see something that I do not like, I can ask for a change?

Yes. You can request up to 3 minor changes per commission. Additional changes will be charged.

Can you start my project immediately?

All commissions are treated on a First Come First Served basis but it is possible to arrange if you have a deadline to respect. You can consult my projects queue here.

What are your timing?

Usually 1 to 2 weeks for single hero or squad, 1 month for an army, 1 to 2 months for a big army.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I send regularly to Europe, Australia and USA. Worldwide shipping! Customs fees are your responsibility.

Do you provide safe packaging? Will my models be safe?

Yes! I take very good care of your models and pack them very carefully. In addition, I put your models in a Games Workshop Citadel Figure Case for free so that they are perfectly protected!

What type of payment do you accept?

I accept PayPal and EURO/GBP bank transfers.

How much will it cost?

Prices vary according to specific requests. My pricing is very competitive for the quality you receive. Contact me for a quote.

When do I have to pay?

You pay 50% now as deposit and you pay the remaining 50% once the work is completed before shipment.

Can I cancel?

All deposits are subject to a 7 days cancellation period, after which deposits are non-refundable.

My Testimonials

Let’s talk about your project

All commissions are treated on a First Come First Served basis but it is possible to arrange if you have a deadline to respect. My next available slot is for January 2020.

All you have to do is send me a list of the work you would like to be done. Let me know what color scheme you would like the army to be. I work with pleasure on a miniature single, army, small or large project with clients all over the world.