Lemandarin Workshop

Miniature art

Hello, I’m Tom. I’m a professional artist (registered at the artists’ bureau Amplo). I help you make your models dazzling by bringing you my artistic vision and my know-how. I paint your Warhammer army and many others. If you are interested in commissioning me to paint your models, shoot me an email!

I forge your dream army

Elite service for Elite Army

After many years of painting, I choose to specialize in the realization of complete armies by offering you quality service with a good price and many gifts.

Only a few slots are available each year and, unlike the other painting studios, I select the projects that best match my artistic style in order to always offer you the best. So if I accept your project it is because I’m sure I can sublimate your miniatures and make them extraordinary on the battlefield!

You don’t need to choose a painting level since each miniature will be treated within my best army standards.


slots still available for late 2020

Artistic feeling

I paint with my guts, my feelings! You can of course indicate your wishes to me (you want blue Space Marines with an Ultramarine logo for example). However I would work in my own way, with my own style. I cannot alter the style in which I paint, this is something I do as an artist. Please don’t ask me to copy other people’s work or paint in a completely different way, as this is not what my work is about.

Free Citadel Figure Case

The Citadel Figure Cases are the perfect way to transport and protect your miniatures. Containing one set of revolutionary channel foam, the Citadel Figure Case has been specially designed to fit almost any model quickly and easily. The perfect gift to thank you for commissioning your miniatures at Lemandarin Workshop!

In collaboration with GamersGrass

Free resin base

Admit that it would be a shame to have a beautiful army on grey sand bases. I would also be sad to send you my work on ugly bases. That is why I offer you without any extra charge the high-quality basing for your models!

My Testimonials

Let’s talk about your project

The commission process is simple! First just shoot me a message outlining what you envision your project looking like and I will get back to you with a quote and a timeline. Payment is half up front plus material costs and then the second half plus shipping when the job is done.