Tzaangor, Tyranid and Space Marines

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Estimated Completion: April 2019

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Space Marine

My marines are mostly grey metal with black shoulder pads, backpack and left knee-pad. There are gold highlights (like the border of the shoulder pads or the chest eagle) and white iconography (symbols & roman numerals). The chapter symbol is a white omega (upside down ultramarine symbol). This is generally displayed on the left shoulder pad while the right shoulder pad shows the type of unit (arrow for troops, Templar cross for elites, upside down V for heavy, etc).

Badland basing
Green power

  • 1x Guilliman with helmet
  • 1x predator with extra turret
  • 2x rhino/razorback (each has an extra cover to switch between rhino and razorback)
  • 1x Repulsor (new gatling)
  • 5x space marine bikes (2 with chainsword, 2 with plasma gun, sergeant with combi-plasma)
  • 1x space marine captain on bike (right arm magnetized for combi-plasma or thunder hammer option. left hand with fixed storm shield)
  • 1x chaplain with jump pack
  • 6x primaris aggressors (base coated black)
  • 10x veterans with jump pack + 1x captain with jump pack all with both arms magnetized. Following magnetized arms:
    6 thunder hammer (right arm)
    11 storm shield (left arm)
    6 dual lightning claws (6 left arm & 6 right arm)
    5 plasma pistol (left arm)
    5 plasma pistol (right arm)
    5 chainswords (right arm)


Traditional thousand sons blue and gold with some greenish light effects (eyes, weapons, powers) and desert bases.

  • 9x tzaangor enlightened with fatecaster greatbow
  • 1x tzaangor shaman


Behemoth scheme
Green power
Highland basing swampy

  • 1x tyranid exocrine
  • 1x tyranid tyrannofex