Terra Diorama

Here is a big project! A wide (60cm) Terra diorama at war.Retour ligne automatique
Dante leads his troops among the rubble for the Emperor’s honor.

Fire with LED animation.

Il est vraiment classe 😁 je l'aime beaucoup Merci encore pour ton temps et ton travail je ne pouvais espérer mieux sur celui-ci. Je pense revenir vers toi pour d'autre travaux 😊 It's really classy 😁 I love him a lot Thank you again for your time and your work I could not hope better on this one. I think back to you for other work 😊


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Year 01/2019
Category Astra Militarum, Diorama, Space Marines, Warhammer 40K
Models Astorath the Grim, Brother Corbulo, Commander Dante, Custodian Guard , Death Korps of Krieg, Lemartes, Mephiston, Sanguinary Guard, The Sanguinor
Paints Formula P3, MIG Enamel, Vallejo Game, Vallejo Metal Color, Vallejo Premium Color