Price examples

I build your dream army

Price examples

Painting hundreds of miniatures each year, I have learned there is no such thing as a “flat rate” when it comes to painting miniatures. Prices are determined on a case-by-case basis but remember that I offer you a tailor-made service with high skill. My pricing is very competitive for the quality you receive.

To give you an idea of ​​the budget for your future project, here are some examples of prices.

Salamanders army

Beautiful army with many lava effects and stencil work. Labor value € 1000.

Shadespire warbands

Beautiful Chosen axes warband. Labor value € 185.


Small team with stencil work. Labor value € 300.


Primarch collector’s edition by Forgeworld. Labor value € 350.

White Scars Army

Large army with many fast attack and red trim everywhere. Labor value € 2500.

Necron army

Necron copper with hex shield effect and custom Lord Destroyer. Labor value € 1500.

Redemptor Dreadnought

Huge Dreadnought with gore effect. Labor value € 185.

Magnetization option

I can magnetize weapons and accessories when the model allows it. Magnetization varies a lot depending on the work to be done, but generally you can count between € 50 and € 100 extra to magnetize all the options of a vehicle.

Tempestus Scions squad

Small squad with an original painting scheme. Labor value € 250.

Slaanesh army

Big army of Chaos. Labor value € 3000.


Monstrous Tyrannofex is embellished with gore effects. Labor value € 185.

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Let’s talk about your project

All commissions are treated on a First Come First Served basis but it is possible to arrange if you have a deadline to respect. I'm booked for work until August 2019.

Please look at my price examples. Many of my clients commission me for small groups and come back several times. Big collections are best built over time.