Necron Copper

Necron Copper

A second Necron commission for a client already very happy with his previous detachment.

The Destroyer Lord is a conversion made from an Overlord and a Destroyer.
The Annihilation Barge is fully magnetized to play it also in Catacomb Command Barge!

I received the order everything is perfectly intact and matches really well with the rest im super happy👍 i will soon send a follow up order with some more armoured support.

Kevin, Happy Customer
Kit Bashing

Lord Destroyer

This Lord was made by mixing a kit of Destroyer and Overlord. It was fun to do and the result is very nice.


2 in 1

The barge is fully magnetised to play in all possible configurations. 2 models in 1!

11/2018 - Necron, Warhammer 40K - Annihilation Barge, Canoptek Scarabs, Canoptek Wraiths, Destroyer, Destroyer Lord, Immortals, Lychguard, Overlord, Warriors

Let’s talk about your project

All commissions are treated on a First Come First Served basis but it is possible to arrange if you have a deadline to respect. I'm booked for work until July 2019.

I usually charge between 200 and 400 EUR for making a single mini project (as a Primarch or a Daemon Prince) and between 1500 and 3000 EUR for a complete Warhammer army. Many of my clients commission me for small groups and come back several times. Big collections are best built over time.