I build your dream army

High-end services

I build your dream army

I offer a wide range of high-end services. In addition to advice, assembly and painting, I can magnetize the weapons of your models or even make a unique mini by combining different parts.

Unlike many other studios, I work alone and I fully assume my artistic vision of miniature painting. My style is special, approaching the movement chiaroscuro, I paint with heavy contrast, vibrant colors and intense lighting effects.

Painting hundreds of miniatures each year, I have learned there is no such thing as a “flat rate” when it comes to painting miniatures. Larger, more complex models or more complicated color schemes cost more. A big simple dragon can take less time than a character, depending on the level of detail involved. I work with pleasure on single mini, board game, various models or armies.

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Let’s talk about your project

All commissions are treated on a First Come First Served basis but it is possible to arrange if you have a deadline to respect. My next available slot is for September 2019.

There is no minimum to order a commission, I can work just on a hero or a demon. Regarding the complete armies, please note that I prefer working on small armies (30 to 40 minis) or squads. If you have a big army in mind, of course I can do it and it will be epic, but I will divide it into several projects.